S-Tetris'99 2.5

S-Tetris'99 includes Pentix,a popular variation of Tetris, more complicated
2.5 (See all)

S-Tetris'99 is a little more than just Tetris. It also includes Pentix,a popular variation of Tetris that's more complicated and more interesting,and two additional variations of Tetris (Advanced Tetris, Advanced Pentix).
There are also seven different block sets to play with: blocks, numerals,kinetics, dice, wild, planes and misc.
You can use your own sound effects if you like, but the preset sounds will not disturb you while you play.
The background picture can also be changed to your liking.
4 variations of Tetris
- 7 different Block Sets (Blocks, Numerals, Kinetics, Dice, Wild,
Planes and Misc)
- 10 Levels
- 3 degree of difficulty (Easy, Normal and Hard)
- Customizable Dimensions of playing field
- Support of different languages
- User-defined background picture
- User-defined sound effects
- PC-Speaker sound effects support
- User-friendly interface
- Install / Uninstall Support

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